four seasons hotel buffet 5b

A Feast For Easter Sunday | Four Seasons Hotel

Of course it had to start with a platter of Peking duck, unagi (grilled eel) sushi, tuna and salmon sashimi, California maki and a piece of gravlax.
Followed by something from the Meditteranean section: baba ghanoush, dolma...
... and lamb tabbouleh.
My husband had a large dish of scrambled eggs with mushrooms and a separate plate of honey ham, grilled Meditteranean veggies, poached egg and a huge serving of burrata.
Meanwhile, I had some juicy, melt-in-your-mouth pan-seared foie gras on crostini served with white asparagus.
Food love.
Easter lunch overflowing with laughter, good food, great company... and champagne.
Location. Location. Location. Right by the carving station (that rhymes!)
Strategic location: foie gras station.
A 12-year old's choice dessert: vanilla ice cream with candy sprinkles and a pretty chocolate.
My husband to me: "Hurry up with the pictures. It's melting!"
Claire's lovely red velvet cupcake.
K's medley of treats --- tarts, macaroons, eclair, cheesecake (?) and other colorful things I can only enjoy by taking pictures.
And finally, a strawberry panacotta and some bread pudding to cap what I would consider a rather epic lunch.
Happy Easter!

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