My Etsy Shop Gets A Makeover :)

custom handmade stationery 1

I realized that I have neglected to take care of the appearance of my shop.  It’s not really the simplest site to navigate as I seem to get lost in the buttons that don’t always connect to what I want … Continue reading

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Calligraphy | Rag Art #1

rag art #1

Sigh.  I really regret forgetting to keep all my rags.  I always absentmindedly dispose of them when I’m tidying up the room.  So finally, I got to scan a rag for the first time, because someone once suggested to frame … Continue reading

Calligraphy | I See Trees Of Green

what a wonderful world instagram

  Using the Leonard nib, drawing the words from one of my favourite songs.  Through Photoshop, I was able to change the colors, from black ink to blue. I really think I’m sticking to this style of modern calligraphy from now … Continue reading

Calligraphy | What If?

what if you fly calli

  I’ve been working on a more relaxed style of writing.  Copperplate and Spencerian leave me breathless (literally, I don’t breathe while writing) LOL! :D  These kinds of strokes allow for more character and personality, I think.  But I’m saying … Continue reading

Saturday Night Calligraphy

leave sparkle calli

After working on my drafts last night, I decided to practice calligraphy for a bit.  The whole week had been busy, working on three cakes and some artwork (I’m actually not complaining) :) It’s always hard when you stop working … Continue reading

The Awkward Sensation Of Change

over leaves over bridges

The past couple of months have been of extreme discovery and evolution for me, creativity-wise.  My friend Sara and I were catching up and she said, “You’ve completely renaisanced.” “What do you mean?”, I was confused. She simply said, “You managed to … Continue reading