Throwback Thursday Sketchbook

sketchbook apr23

When I first started painting professionally sometime 2002, I probably used all the possible color on the palette with the exception of brown and black.  Yesterday, I thought I’d try to do my old style  and movement and incorporate my new work elements into one sketchbook spread.

Four more pages to complete before I can move to my next fresh journal!

Does Sadako Do Chores?

There is only so much of my own artwork I can look at.  Yesterday, as I was rushing to an appointment, a burst of colors caught my eye that I definitely had to dart in at the last minutes.  I came across an imaginatively curated space by K+ at Scott’s Square featuring Donna Wilson‘s whimsical little (and not-so-little) creatures.  What caught my eye though, was this corner:

Sok Kuan sadako art
Sadako everywhere!


A bunch of Sadakos by the awesome artist Sokkuan who conceived an illustration and photography concept humanizing the otherwise sinister creature from “The Grudge”. :)  I bought this slice of art yesterday because I see two familiar things:

Sok Kuan Sadako art 2
Art by Sokkuan.


1. I have perpetually messy and unmanageable hair, and MOST IMPORTANTLY…

2. I HATE IRONING! I really, really do and was declared to my husband before we got married :D  It is the only household chore that brings out the worst in me.

And that’s exactly what’s written on this colorful risograph of a fashionable Sadako sitting on my easel and waiting to be framed :D


Into The World Of Donna Wilson

I can think of a thousand other days much better than today.  There were some rays of sunshine — my brand of ‘sunshine’ that makes me happy:

1. It was very cloudy today.

2. My stylist mentioned liking the movie “Copycat”. Finally! Someone knows and loves this movie other than myself :D

3.  I came across some fantabulous art while rushing about in Scotts Square. YEY!

Donna Wilson art 1

Say hi to my new furry friends! I actually walked into the gallery with a grin on my face.

Donna Wilson art 6

The color of the walls caught my eye because that was the color of my first studio back in Manila, a building that was home to many artists, photographers, models… wait, I digress.

Donna Wilson art 5
Teal love.

So these dainty faces, I’m absolutely in love.  Did I buy them? No. Because we tend to move a lot and if I break them (or if anyone else does), I’m going to be really pissed off (before I get sad).

Donna Wilson art 4

Why, hello there Mr. Fox! Love your sweater <3

Donna Wilson art 7

I adore the delicate expression on Donna Wilson’s characters. Simple lines but evokes a serene expression.

Donna Wilson art 2

Looking at her work, what captivates me most is her own take on mid-century charm that permeates in her choice of colors and geometric patterns — the very things I love, love, LOVE about her art.

Immersed myself in other people’s imagination and colors at K+, a beautifully curated space by Kinetic Singapore , peddler of the extraordinary.


Now that I think about it, I just might go back for the fox brooch that I missed…

Today’s Sketchbook: Working On Faces

sketchbook apr20

For those with mountains to move and places to go this week, have a magical adventure ahead!

A much-needed practice for drawing faces.  I usually find this quite difficult but I believed I could and I did :)

How To Use An Old Wine Cork To Break Creative Blocks

I am still waiting for Danielle Krysa’s “Creative Block” book to arrive at my doorstep.

Tick tock tick tock.

For those not in the know, she is the energy behind the artful blog The Jealous Curator. Love love love! :)

In the meantime, I follow her on Facebook and she has been generously sharing monthly tips from the artists featured in the book, to break the very things we conjure in our heads that hold us back from being our most creative self.  I only caught the April project shared by mixed media artist Cassandra Smith :

Make a little sculpture using a found object. Find something around your house, at a thrift store, a wacky junk store, anywhere! An object that is about as big as your hand or smaller is probably the best size to start with, so it’s not overwhelming. And make sure it’s something you don’t mind ruining. This is just suppose to be fun after all! And then transform the heck out of it! Paint on it, glue things to it, cut it in half and glue it back to itself, or glue it to something else. Use the objects color and shape to inspire you. — Krysa, Danielle. “Creative Block”, 2014.

Karate Jones copy

This is my initial take on the project.  Although I didn’t do a sculpture, I did manage to turn an old wine cork into a log for my dog Jones, who is channeling his inner Daniel-san.

Wax on.

Wax off.