How To Create An Instagram / “Polaroid” Wall

how to print instagram photos

In this digital era where one can easily get lost among all the kilobytes out there, it would be a shame if our memories go to waste at a click of a button.  So a year ago, I started printing … Continue reading

Calligraphy | They Can Come True

don't quit your daydream

I came across a movie with the same title and thought it would be nice to use it for calligraphy practice today.  And it’s also inspiring to write over and over again, as a reminder. :)

Calligraphy | There’s Only One

nag-iisang mundo song

Thought I’d write some modern calligraphy  in Filipino as well :) So here’s a line that stuck with me from a song by Bayang Barrios called “Nag-iisang Mundo” (meaning ‘one and only world’).  I love her style and how she weaves indigenous instruments … Continue reading

Calligraphy | Just B

calligraphy blog 2

  From illumination to monograms, I can’t believe I’m actually liking calligraphy! The first monogram attempt had details on the letter itself. Now trying to put details of previous paintings on a circle this time. Must use thinner pen next time or draw smaller stuff, I guess. … Continue reading

What Will Make You Draw Again?

calligraphy class singapore

When I was a kid, I automatically thought that I was an artist. :) I was proud of my messy handiwork, and thought that my drawings were sheer masterpiece.  Yet now, I seem to think twice (or even thrice?) if the art is worth … Continue reading