Calligraphy | It’s A Bob Marley Kind Of Saturday

don't worry about a thing

  Don’t worry about a thing ‘coz every little thing is gonna be alright :) Have a very cool weekend, everyone! About these ads

About these ads

A Newbie’s Guide To Calligraphy Written By A Fellow Newbie

photo 1

Look at this very first attempt at “calligraphy” below.  Somehow the word “immortality” looks like it was strangling itself ’til it passed out. This was two years ago.   Early this month, I got hooked (a.k.a. addicted) to calligraphy after I took … Continue reading

Portfolio | How Does Your Art Grow?


  My life as told on paper and canvass.  Have you ever wondered if you have grown as an artist through the years? :)       Even before I could even eat breakfast, I thought I’d finally make a comprehensive … Continue reading

Calligraphy | What’s On The Other Side?

the lovers the dreamers and me

After all my dark thoughts over the weekend, this song kept playing in my head today.  Thought it was also apt to practice doing calligraphy in color, experimenting with watercolours instead of the usual black ink. :)

Calligraphy | Is It All About The Money?

price tag lyrigs

  A few hours ago, I posted saying I was to hang my pens and brushes.  But I was itching to practice and write something.  Noticed that the longer the lag, the more I tend to forget how to glide … Continue reading