Sketchbook Entry Called “Intergalactic Blue Ink Blah Blah Blah”

It’s not unusual that I find myself not knowing what to draw.  When I begin to feel the tugging of that unease, I take out the most basic pen I can find nearby and work with it for the day’s sketchbook entry. Instead of complicating my day, I simply try to loosen up with a simple blue ball pen and either start making circles, or drawing lines.

sketchbook may 14

Lots and lots and lots of lines.  Be generous with yourself :)

What Happens When You Commit To A Sketchbook

Lisa Congdon mentioned a “painting curve” which looks like a U, my process EVERY TIME: start with excitement as I begin with the first strokes and color. Midway I just want to hurl it against a wall or rip it to shreds because it starts to look nothing like what I see in my head. But only recently I learned to soldier on through that uncomfy, awkward and annoying phase instead of chucking it in the bin. In the end, there is that sense of accomplishment in concluding a piece, even if I’m not always 100% happy with it :(


And this is what a sketchbook looks like when you commit to that process: every single page covered with complete illustrations, no ripped pages and saw everything through with nothing disposed of.


Today’s Sketchbook | Blue Curls And Mixed Media

For today’s sketchbook entry, I was trying to do this “spontaneity” thingamajig today but I ended right back to the same face I’d always make.

mixed media face

Though this time, a bit greener and more textured using acrylics and oil pastels. Thought I’d post something different today :D

How To Draw Hands | For People Who Can’t Draw Hands

Drawing hands and feet (or human figures altogether), I try to avoid this as much as I can. They usually end up extra lopsided with limbs at impossible angles :D But I still try anyway.

So what to do what drawing hands is not your strongest suit?

sketchbook apr25

Hide them inside this ginormous geometric dress! :D


Throwback Thursday Sketchbook

sketchbook apr23

When I first started painting professionally sometime 2002, I probably used all the possible color on the palette with the exception of brown and black.  Yesterday, I thought I’d try to do my old style  and movement and incorporate my new work elements into one sketchbook spread.

Four more pages to complete before I can move to my next fresh journal!