Calligraphy | Take A Walk

brushscript instagram 1

  Sometimes, my lines look as if it took a walk on an empty stomach or after having too much to drink. The most effortless looking things require a bit more work sometimes, like my first brushscript piece. Guess this … Continue reading

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Farewell, O Captain! RIP Robin Williams :(

i stand upon my desk

Such devastating news to wake up to.  I was hoping it was hoax, as there have been others in the past.  I grew up watching Robin Williams through the almost-four decades of my life.  Oddly, though, the films I remember … Continue reading

From The Sketchbook | Our Birthday Saturday

jones baking instagram

  Yesterday, Singapore celebrated their 49th birthday (happy birthday, Singapore!!!) :)  Everyone must have been busy in the kitchen preparing for the day’s festivities.  Even Jones was rushing to prepare a birthday cake for his human (my hubby celebrated his birthday … Continue reading