Hi! My name is Cherie. I’m an artist currently based in Singapore and I make colorful nothings on canvas using acrylics, pastels, ink and collage. Starting a professional career in 2002, the journey took a turn when I hit a massive creative block in 2007.  

5 years of blank pages and self-doubt were excruciating but I gratefully found my way back to the path of authenticity in 2012.  I drew a lot of nothing but made so much of it until one day, all that nothing became something. Coloring outside the lines completely changed my life, as a person and as an artist.

So why ‘The Jar Of Salt’?

The website www.jarofsalt.com was originally my cooking blog many moons ago. Also, I used to collect salt. By the time I rebranded myself as a painter and an artist, people who didn’t know my name called me “The Jar Of Salt”. I realised the name stuck so I decided to roll with it!

10 Things About Me
I hear and taste color.
My dog Jones appears in my photos on Instagram every so often. Sometimes, he even appears in my illustrations.
Slow food is the best. I love baking bread and cook old-fashioned, traditional dishes.
My husband says I shop like a guy.
I love a good glass of cabernet sauvignon even if it gives me a purple smile.
I never studied art but took up pottery for a few months in my 30s. That’s about it.
I am a HUGE Tintin fan. Blistering barnacles!
Silvery overcast days inspire me and would love to live in a cool mountain overlooking the sea because I don't like crowds.
Some of my favorite shows: “Zoolander”, “Nacho Libre”, “Dreams” by Akira Kurosawa, “Young Sherlock Holmes” from 1985, “Labyrinth” and “The Last Emperor”. The TV show “Stranger Things” makes me feel happy. Very happy.
Music moves me. I can live without a television but cannot function without music. I miss having a piano. I love radio and hearing DJs talk. My first cassette tape was George Gershwin’s “Rhapsody In Blue”. I get emotional watching live orchestras. I love old school rock.
10 Things About Me