“I believe in the art of imperfection, that all shapes and forms in this material world are nothing but a medley of shadows, dots and lines.  It is this very nature of life that I choose to recreate the unpredictable world within.”   — Cherie A. Bitanga

Commissioned by Smile Magazine

Illustration Vintage Girls

Illustration Mid-Century Patterns

Vintage Lingerie Illustration

Thoughts In My Head

Vintage Swimsuits Illustration

A Colorful Mess

Vintage Girls Illustration INKtober

Colors And Randomness

Twins INKtober Drawing

Jumbled Up Ideas

Original Quote On Creativity

Christmas And Churches

My Radio From The 70s

Paintings 10

A Pile Of Circles

Colorful Nothings

Handwritten 08

Drawings 08

Original Quote On Creativity

Paintings 08

Wheels Of My Mind

Painting 07

Handwritten 06

Drawing With Office Supplies

Paintings 06

Printsource NYC Textile Design (SOLD)

Original Quote On Perfection

Gone Fishin’

Paintings 05

Printsource NYC Textile Design

Handwritten 04

Chinese New Year Illustration

Paintings 04

Commissioned Tattoo Design

Original Quote On Art


Paintings 03

Commissioned Painting 2006

What Little Girls Are Made Of

Drink Me

Mid-Century Patterns Sketchbook

Commissioned Painting 2006

Original Quote On Love

Drawing A Crowd

Paintings 01


A sketchbook class designed for grown-ups who want to draw and make but think they can’t. 

Online classes coming in 2017!



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