A sketchbook class designed for grown-ups who want to draw and make but think they can’t.

This class is very personal and close to my heart simply because I went through a severe period of self-doubt and simply could not make art. At all. It’s so easy to forget that there is more to art than being stuck with rules and drawing the right way.

Take the first step back to living with art with this 3-hour hands-on class and:

  • approach art intuitively by celebrating the imperfect,
  • restore confidence in your own work by drawing your own way,
  • and- foster a safe, empowering and like-minded community.

There are a myriad of excuses people make for themselves and why they don’t-can’t-shouldn’t make art. I myself was guilty of this for 12 years until I embraced my own creative process.

Beyond being a sketchbook class, the BIG BLANK PAGE is also a creative forum for people to bounce ideas around, clear the cobwebs in our heads and share resources to help you and I move forward in our creative path together.

There will be prompts to get you started but there will be no art for you to copy because this class is an avenue for you tap into your own groove and draw in a way that feels natural to you.  This class is not about others and their work, nor is it about mine.

This class is all about YOU.

Transform the pages of the sketchbook into your kind of art. Connect to your authentic self, release the creative juices, and cultivate yourself.

And for one afternoon, we will simply be and make.

Participants will take home the following items:

  • TBA


a sketchbook class and creative forum for grown-ups






SGD $ 110/person only.



Classes are kept small with limited seating available.

Please note that this art class is not a technical class. The only thing you will need is your imagination.

To see what I’m up to everyday, you can find me at @thejarofsalt on Instagram and Twitter. To see what the community is up to, connect with @sketchbookpeople on Instagram and Facebook.